Staking CASPER with Rootster Labs

September 2, 2021 11:08 pm Published by Rootster Labs

Casper is the first live proof-of-stake blockchain built upon the Casper CBC spec. It’s scalable & future proof with extremely detailed documentation. The community is fantastic & its support is growing considerably week after week.

Rootster Labs only participates & collaborates with established networks we believe in. Casper is a fantastic tech & today we’re going to cover how to stake into the Casper network using a Rootster Labs validator using a Web3 Signer.

Installing the Web3 Signer

CasperLabs has a Chromium (Google Chrome, Brave) based Web3 Signer. To easily find the CasperLabs signer go to & click “Sign In” in the top right corner.

After you’ve clicked “Sign In” you’ll see the Casper Signer on the left. Click “Download Signer”

To install the Casper Signer on you browser, click “Add To Chrome”

Tip: Don’t use Incognito mode

Once you’ve added it to your browser. You’ll want to click the puzzle piece in the top right and pin the Casper Labs signer.

Creating Your Account

Go back to the “Sign In” page.

Click the “Sign In” Button (Sometimes you’ll need to refresh for it work). This will load the extension. You’ll need to set a password for the Casper Vault – Anytime you need to access your vault you’ll need to re-enter your password. It’s important that you create a strong password as you’ll want to protect your account from getting hacked.

After you’ve entered your password, click “Create Account”.

Give your account an identifiable name & choose the First Encryption Algorithm. It’s important to copy & save the generated Public & Secret keys to a safe place. Downloading & saving these keys allows us to recover our wallet on the chance that something happens to our computer.

When you’re ready, click “Create”.

After you’ve clicked “Create” at the top, you’ll see a button that says “Disconnected”. Click it & then connect your Casper Signer to the to gain control of its functionality. Click “Connect” for the second time right after.

Root Root!! You’ve successfully downloaded the Casper Signer & created a wallet. Next we’re going to stake your Casper using the Rootster Labs Validator as an example.

Delegating Tokens

In our example, we will be using the Rootster Labs Validator to stake Casper tokens. There are a few different ways to find the Rootster Labs Validator but I found the easiest way was to simply go to the home page of our website, scroll to our networks, click the Casper Network, & when it pops up, click the green “Stake Now” button.

Click the green stake now button.

This will take you back to the website to (You might have to re-enter your password on the Signer again).

Notice on the lower top left, you’ll see a red “Delegate Now” button – Click it.

Here’s the fun part – Figure out how many Casper tokens you plan on staking. There’s no limit but keep in mind that the networks fee for delegation is currently 3 CSPR per transaction. Double check the details of your transaction & if everything checks out click “Confirm And Delegate Stake”

Tip: This the part when you go Root Root!!

Congratulations on staking to the Rootster Labs Validator!